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Tania Lucas

Tania Lucas is a Melbourne based artist living in the Nillumbik shire.  From a very young age her natural love of art blossomed and across the years continues to grow.  Tania’s art is a reflection of her life and window into her mind, heart and soul. Primarily she is a painter with acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Her paintings are generally created from photos she has taken capturing significant moments and scenes from her life.  Tania is a self-taught painter who has followed a unique creative path throughout her life.  Knowing she would always paint at Nineteen Tania decided not gain a formal education in Fine Arts.  Instead, she chose a Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture becoming a professional Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist.  Prior to having children Tania practiced Acupuncture and massage for seventeen years, ten of those years working as a sole trader in her own business.   Throughout the years her dedication to painting has continued, in 2021 Tania established her online Art Store www.tanialucas.com This online shop features Prints of Tania’s unique and original paintings exquisitely created into limited edition Giclee Inkjet pigment ink prints.  There are also original paintings and textile products, plus information about ordering commissioned artworks. Tania’s Art is unique and varied including different, themes, styles and mediums in addition to painting she also created works using mosaics, mixed media and textile art.


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