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Come with us to celebrate one of our multi-talented members here. Each month (or so) we sit down with a TAM artist to learn about how she got started with her art practice,  what inspires her and how she manages to do it all while raising a family (or grandchildren). Get an insider’s look at what it’s like to live and work as a Mother and Artist!

Christina Cerqueira

Christina Cerquiera
Christina Cerquiera's pastel painting of a nude woman's hips
Christina Cerquiera's pastel painting of a sensual woman kneeling on the ground and combing her hands through her hair
Christina Cerquiera
Christina Cerquiera
Christina Cerquiera

How did you get your start as a working artist? (and a brief history of your art journey leading up to today)?

After the birth of my second child I realised that I had lost who I was; I needed to rediscover myself. So I took a watercolour class. The minute I held the brush in my hand again I knew that art was what was missing in my life. Without thinking too much about it (which is very strange for me) I picked a business name, got an ABN and away I went. I’ve always drawn and created art from very young. Then after school I worked as a Lighting Designer for 10 years. Being creative is in my blood even though I am techy and a nerd at heart.

What mediums do you work with and which is your favourite?

I work with all mediums and primarily use whatever my soul calls for in the moment. Right now I use, and LOVE, soft pastels, the chunky sticks. I love working with the pastels on timber as once they are varnished they become transparent and allow the grain of the timber to shine through.
Christina Cerquiera

Has that changed across your artistic journey?

It has certainly changed. During uni I loved working with charcoal, and I dabbled in totally different mediums like sewing and sculpture using soil. When I started the business I was heavily using watercolour and then changed to acrylic. Honestly, I am very much led by my intuition. Whatever my soul calls for.

What artists or movements influence your work?

Japan has always captivated me, especially as a child; I was obsessed. The wood block print of The Great Wave was a big influence, as well as anime and manga, Sailor Moon being my all time favourite. Vincent Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters was also a big influence, as well as his whole body of work. As I got older I discovered new artists people like Audrey Kawasaki and Jackson Pollock’s work stood out to me. There are elements from all of these inspirations in my work to some degree.
Christina Cerquiera

What makes your work unique?

There is a very simple answer to this question. My work is unique because it is my work. It comes to be because of all the things I have learnt, felt and become. My journey has formed my who I am in this moment and that is what makes up my work. My work is ever evolving, as I am, and I will always bring all of me into everything that I do. I want to help women know that they can, and should, love themselves as they are.

Do you have any certifications/ qualifications or are you self-taught?

I don’t have any qualifications or certifications. I am self taught. This was instictual from the moment I could hold a drawing implement. I don’t believe that you need to “go to school” or obtain a degree to be an artist.

What exhibitions have you been part of?

The most recent exhibitions I have been part of are my own show with fellow artist, and business partner, Dawn Rieniets. It was called rise.REVOLT.root and was held at RED Gallery. Following this very successful exhibition Dawn and I, as Creative Wild Co, curated and hosted Curve and more recently Ladies in RED: Rebel Hearts the exhibition at RED Gallery. My work was in the Surface and Biophilic exhibitions hosted by Art Lovers Australia as well as The MotherHood exhibition with Thou Art Mum and Naked at SOL Gallery all in 2023 and 2024. Prior to this I have been part of numerous group exhibitions with Thou Art Mum at various galleries including Montsalvat. I have a big year of exhibitions ahead in 2024.

How has motherhood impacted/enhanced your art practice?

As I mentioned earlier it was the after the birth of my son that I delved back into art. I decided it was time to take it to the next level as I knew that it was a big part of who I am. Having children made me realise that I needed to follow my intuition and do what makes me happy. I want to be a positive role model for them. To have them see that they can follow their dreams and do what they love.
Christina Cerquiera
Christina Cerquiera

Do you have a one-sentence mantra you live by or practice?

Fail forward. I’m not sure who said it first. I heard it from Denzel Washington. In essence it means to fail and get back up and try again, use that failure to propel you forward. We always talk about failure and it comes with negative connotations. For me, it is a positive word. Failing means that I can learn something and get better. So, I look forward to failing and using that failure to move forward.

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