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Art is a LOVE language.

From the hearts and souls of our artists to form a connection with you.

thou art mum about

From the hearts and souls of our artists to form a connection with you.

We like to think that we create art for you, the viewer, and we do. But we also create it for ourselves. It gives us a sense of identity apart from being someone’s Mum. And it sets the example for our children to see a Mother, not a martyr, who is chasing her dreams, stoking her passions, and living a fulfilled life.

When you see THE ONE, you just know.

Welcome, Art Lover.

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Our Herstory

Thou Art Mum was established in March 2005 as part of a Landmark Education project completed by Katiuska Cruz. Her goal was to create a network that allowed artists, who are mothers, to exhibit their art publicly at least once per year. Cruz knew that that as a group, the opportunities for Mother artists opened up enormously.

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Celebrating 15 Years in November 2020, we are still thriving despite the global pandemic. We’ve done our best to pivot into online exhibitions, though we always prefer our works to be viewed in person; they’re much more dynamic that way.

Our current member artists practice various disciplines, including painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, print making, glasswork, ceramics, and photography. The theme of each exhibition unifies this diversity of expression and we exhibit up to 4 times per year as a whole group and some of our artists branch off and exhibit in smaller shows.

At any given time, we have between 30-35 Nillumbik & Banyule based female visual artists (who are Mums) who collaborate to create dynamic group exhibitions for the enjoyment of friends, family, the local community and beyond!

thou art mum about
thou art mum about


Thou Art Mum is ever changing as the lives of our members change, and mothers in the community are inspired to join our group of creative women. Does this speak to you? Apply to join our group or contact us with any questions.

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thou art mum about

2021-2022 Committee


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Digital Manager: 

Media Manager: 

Exhibition Leader: 

Deborah Bowen

Dawn Rieniets

Maike Pritchard

Margaret Young

Christina Cerqueira

Julie Walker, Sally Bowen, Sandra Adams

Louise Muller, Susannah Collins, Helen Platania

President: Deborah Bowen

Vice President: Dawn Rieniets

Secretary: Maike Pritchard

Treasurer: Margaret Young

Digital Manager: Christina Cerqueira

Media Manager: Julie Walker, Sally Bowen, Sandra Adams

Exhibition Leader: Louise Muller, Susannah Collins, Helen Platania