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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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I saw a piece of art on your website, how can I purchase it?

You can purchase any art displayed on our website, directly through the artist. Their details are available on the artist’s page.

How can I get in touch with one of your artists?

You can contact any of our artists via the information on our artist profile page.

Where is your latest exhibition?

To view TAM’s latest exhibition or view our past shows, you can visit our exhibition page here.

Do you allow people to join who are not Mothers?

We joined together in order to support one another through the unique challenges presented by Motherhood. TAM does not see it as excusing others but rather, forming a group of like-minded artists, with similar priorities, and open doors that would be much harder to open alone.

Do you have an online shop?

We don’t currently have an online shop but if you want to purchase a piece of art, you can find the artist’s contact details on the artist profile page. During open exhibitions you can purchase art through the gallery.

What are the benefits of buying local art?

By purchasing one of a kind art, you are supporting a local artist and the local economy. There’s a story behind each piece and you’re making a difference to that artist, allowing her to live her dream and continue exploring her talent.

How can joining a group help my art practice?

Joining a group of artists can help with inspiration, practical advice, guidance on business and exhibiting. To apply to join click here.

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