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Stephanie Canty

Stephanie Anne is a Mixed Media Artist based in Melbourne, Australia.  Stephanie’s latest abstract artworks encapsulate the moody, majestic, and whimsical spirit of the ocean. It illustrates the fascinating creatures found within its walls.  Calming, cool hues inspire Stephanie’s colour palette. You’ll find teals, sapphires, and deep oceanic blues there. Organic lines depict a contrast in the ocean’s movement and quiet stillness. Inviting the viewer into a world of mystery and fantasy.  As Stephanie creates, she enters a flow state and can stay there for hours at a time. Stephanie finds solace in these moments, which are vastly opposing the overstimulation and chaos of modern life. Stephanie’s art welcomes the observer to enter these moments too. Stephanie always derives great pleasure from art and beauty, and she has expressed her love of creativity in many ways since she was young. Stephanie is self-taught and she enjoys exploring mediums that compliment each other and her creative process, from the light flow of watercolour to the technical detail that colour pencil can bring.  Stephanie and her husband have also created two little humans who keep her busy when she’s not in her flow state.  You can get in touch with Stephanie to know more or request a commissioned piece for yourself or as a gift. Stephanie would love to hear from you!
stephanie canty

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