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Sally Bowen

Sally is diverse artist using mainly oils and some watercolour. Based in Eltham, she has attended painting classes within her local community since 2014, some of those years under instruction with artist Nell Frysteen. Sally likes the challenge of studying and painting varying themes but her true creative addictions belong to water and bees. Sally is continually inspired by and passionate about painting bees as a reminder to herself and to others of the fragility of our world. Sally is also obsessed with water in any form. Creating serene and evocative watery artworks is a wonderful escape for Sally influenced by the diverse environments of slow creeks, ripples, reflections, ponds, waves and beaches.  Using oils she has explored different techniques from detailed glazing to opaque semi abstract patterns to produce her varied works. Sally is delighted by regular sales and commissions and paints passionately alongside her career as a registered nurse.
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