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Ophelia Keys

Ophelia comes from a family of artists, in a home where art was always a passionate topic of conversation. She has a deep love of nature and was known at primary school as the girl who was always drawing horses. She continues to have a fascination with horses and has completed subjects in equine physiology and anatomy. This has strongly informed her drawings and fostered a passion for comparative anatomy – especially comparing human bodies with other mammals.  Following her degree in classical studies, Ophelia has tutored in university courses on mythology and ancient magic. Her visual work is deeply influenced by her love of ancient literature and folklore. Her work focuses on the link between humans and other animals, both acknowledging our physical closeness, and tapping into the spiritual significance with which we have imbued these relationships over the centuries. Her animals are both earthly companions and otherworldly guardians. They represent symbolic aspects of the human experience, but are also separate, unknowable beings with their own stories. Ophelia creates her work in permanent ink, pastel, or pencil, on acid-free paper. When she is not in the studio, she finds joy in drawing dragons and flowers with her son and stepdaughters, finding inspiration in their endless creative powers.


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