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Natalie Lawson

Natalie’s work investigates translucency and light, fluctuating between the figurative and abstract.  She works with latex, challenging its boundaries through innovative processes of application and documentation, inviting a closer look. The latex allows for trace elements of objects such as bark that Natalie collects from natural sources, to imbed minute particles onto the surface adding texture, and thereby establishing a connection to our unique Australian flora and fauna.  Over time the latex will disintegrate which allows for the works to transform, opening up new possibilities for interpretation. Environmental issues are explored in a contemporary context through sculptural and photographic works in response to the delicate balance of nature.  A major influence for Natalie was Eva Hesse (1936-1970) a German artist that explored sculpture through organic associations using innovative materials.  Hesse’s works had an innate ability to capture light and radiate with it, something that Natalie hopes to emulate in her own work. Natalie completed her Bachelor of Fine Art and Visual Culture in 2015 and a Bachelor of Arts Honours in 2016 with Curtin University. 


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