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Margaret Young

Margaret completed many art courses in a multitude of medias however her artistic passion remains with stained glass windows.  After completing a Stained-Glass leadlight and copper foiling course in 2004 (and a few windows and projects later) she found she wasn’t particularly comfortable working with lead and switched my skills to glass on glass mosaic, but not in its usually perceived format.  Still loving the look of leaded stained-glass, Margaret cut the glass millimeter perfect as trained in the leaded medium. Then attached piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle to a sheet of clear glass leaving a 2mm gap to later be filled with black grout giving the faux illusion of it being leaded. Margaret has stood back at exhibition openings, watching people moving in to take a close look and try to figure out what’s different about this piece and what has the artist done? Glass is a tricky medium to work with and doesn’t like acute angles as it tends to shatter or breaks off in different directions. Thus, she needs to be very attentive in creating patterns. Different coloured and textured glass talk to Margaret begging me to use them. Cut glass also bites! A great thrill was winning the Montmorency, Artists on Were Street, ‘A Moment in Monty’ competition award in 2016 resulting in Margaret’s artwork being featured as a wine label in a selection of bottle shops. Margaret love how she is stopped in her tracks walking through a room when the light catches the different colours and she is surrounded by their reflections. Margaret has known TAM since its inception in 2005 and became a member in 2006 holding various subcommittee and committee rolls over the years. She loves being a part of the amazing group of like-minded women.

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