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Louise Muller

Louise grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with her 3 sisters.  In those day’s life was an adventure, outdoors until dusk, daisy chains, patting ponies and tadpole hunts. Her mother says she used to draw before she could talk.  Perhaps drawing and painting have always been Louise’s preferred way of communicating.  As time went by, she has not necessarily become more specialised in her art practice, there are just too many new things to try.  Whether it is watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastels, printing, papermaking, collage, life drawing, urban sketching, felting, stitch, ceramics… – Louise is happiest exploring and experimenting.  At Uni it was a hard choice between Art and Science.  Science, and Botany in particular, ended up being her primary area of study. Louise has had very little formal training, but has been a keen participant in any arty workshop she can find.  For many years she explored watercolour and pastel with the wonderful Nell Frysteen and the Nell Street Painters.  Now she is a member of the wonderful Thou Art Mum and the Textile Art Community.  Much of her inspiration comes from family, the environment and the lovely creative women around her. The desire to do something creative is as strong as ever.  Why?  Sometimes it is just something that makes your life complete.  Louise is looking forward to see where this journey will takes her.


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