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Kirstin Bowden

“a jack of all trades is a master of none, but often better than a master of one” Kirstin has indeed lived by this rule for most of her adult life whether its being a mother of 3 amazing children, a home renovator, an actor or an artist. She admits to being someone that can adapt to any given situation and taken on the challenge to see if she can do it. As a self-taught artist, her chosen medium is photography. A format which gives her the flexibility to be creative anywhere, anytime. She loves to capture varying images that connect with her. Be it as simple as a sunset or as complexed as the minute pattern on a butterfly’s wings, to car lights swirling passed in the night time on a freeway or the intense architectural walls of a city. Her love of texture, pattern, mood and lighting are just a few things that will trigger her need to capture an image of what she sees and feels. Then explore within that photo to see what other fascinating images she can create from there. She likes to have the viewer be sometimes a bit confused as to what they are looking at, and then be surprised to find out what it actually is. She has recently returned to the Thou Art Mum group after a few years of focusing on her family. She says she thrives in TAM’s nurturing environment and has grown as an artist so much during her years with them. From learning about the ins and outs of exhibiting art, selling art, promoting art to having faith in her own talent and connecting with so many beautiful and amazing artists/mums. Whether it be abstract or realistic, intense or subtle, Kirstin will endeavour to give you a truly unique perspective on any given subject/theme.
Kirstin Bowden


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