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Katy Hood

Katy Hood is originally a British artist who has lived in Australia for almost 8 years now. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1995 and has made art continuously ever since (and before to be honest), focusing on sculpture until 2009, when she moved to expressing in colour and line. She’s dipped in and out of art in the digital realm since 2000 when she obtained a Masters in that subject. She’s worked with most mediums, but now focuses on Watercolour and Ink, in both painting and drawing. She loves to experiment, learning traditional techniques and then ad libbing! An ongoing association with Victorian Artists’ Supplies in Eltham has taught her a lot about art materials, so she can now be more precise and discerning in her use of them. Her love of exploration led her to work in Art Departments for film and TV most recently, and since her return to Australia in 2023 after 3 years in Scotland she is enjoying exploring where Art will take her next. Her muse is Nature, which is a big theme. She focuses on small parts of it, such as plants (since she’s also a horticulturalist), and big landscapes. She loves that Australia has so much to explore!
Katy Hood


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