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Dorothy Field

Dorthy has been painting and drawing as a hobby for as long as she can remember. At age fourteen she became a foundation member of The Heidelberg Artists Society and learned to paint in oils with the wonderful artist Ernest Salter. In later years watercolour has been Dorthy’s main focus. It is a very exciting and often unpredictable medium. She love the glazes, the textures and the ‘accidental’ blends of colour that can be achieved with this medium. While acquiring initial watercolour techniques she spent time studying with John Orlando Birt and David Taylor. The artists that currently inspire my work are international watercolourists Anne Blockley and Shirley Trevena. Permanent ink and watercolour have featured extensively in Dorthy’s paintings of native flora. She is currently very much absorbed with combining flowing watercolour and water soluble ink. She loves to experiment with runs and blends in order to achieve a desired mood in a painting. Dorthy’s particular subject interests are Australian native flora, native birds, atmospheric landscapes and animals. As well as successfully exhibiting with TAM at Montsalvat and The Vines she has held gratifyingly successful solo exhibitions in various local cafes and at The Eltham Library Gallery. Dorthy frequently sells work through the Camberwell Rotary Art Show. Dorothy does sell privately and is happy to take commissions.
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