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Deborah Bowen

Deborah Bowen is a glass artist based in Rosanna working out of her backyard home studio, set in a garden oasis of fruit trees and vegetable beds.   Deborah began creating from her earliest days with her mother’s mantra of ‘keep your hands busy’ as a major influence.  She loves experimenting with all forms of glass and regularly attends workshops with local and international artists.  Deborah’s creates warm glass pieces which are then kiln fired, such panels, jewellery, decorations, tapestry, murine and sculptural pieces; hot blown glass vessels; or cold glass leadlight or copper foiled panels and sculpture. Deborah’s techniques often lend themselves to a preferred style of pattern, repetition and fragmentation which influences much of her work.  Also exploring the way light and glass interact causing refraction and reflections and seeing pieces not just as functional items, but as artworks in their own right. Deborah teaches small classes from her home studio and has exhibited and sold work widely through galleries and markets across Melbourne and via social media and commissions. My art is a reflection of my values. It is about helping women viewers grow, evolve and understand that it is ok to be who they are, in whatever form that looks like. 
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