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Montsalvat, Long Gallery

 27 September – 22 October

Maggie by Alison Tippett

TAM artists are celebrating all things Gold!

From the early morning rise of the sun, full of promise and optimism, fields of gold that bring prosperity and security, and glistening waters at sunset, the golden hues within our world warm our souls and fill us with joy.

 Within the arts, gold has inspired many. From golden idols fit for the gods, magical golden hours and illuminated manuscripts, to legends and fairy tales and the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Gold can be a symbol of affection or commitment between loved ones, a treasured possession passed down through generations or used simply as adornment, bringing sparkle to the everyday. 

 Join us as we explore the glittery, beautiful, and sometimes OTT, golden world around us.

Artwork “Maggie” by Alison Tippett 

The Mother Hood

RED Gallery – Gallery 3

14 June – 25 June

The village may be gone, but we still have the hood.


The Mother Hood is about more than motherhood; it encompasses all that it means to be a mother within the broader context of our culture and community. It represents a transformative, transcendent personal experience that germinates deep emotional and social connections. The journey of motherhood is not one that is travelled alone: it is shared. In solidarity, we rise.


As a group of artists, TAM are united in our commitment to exploring the transformative experience of motherhood, kinship, and community. Our art is a celebration of the complex emotions, deep love, and powerful resilience that define both the mother and the hood.


This exhibition is an homage to the strength, beauty, and resilience of anyone identifying as a mother, and the enduring power of human connection.

Exhibitions Cate Laidler

Artwork – Consanguine (after Cassatt) by Cate Laidler

Past Exhibitions


Flora and Fauna, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (April). Immerse your senses with over 120+ works of art produced by TAM artists, as they explore the exhibition theme flora and fauna inspired by our natural surrounds.


Community and Connection, Ivanhoe Cultural Hub (June).  Connection and involvement with communities being vitally important; especially since covid. 


The Artistry of Books, Eltham Library (May). Books transport us to wonderful new worlds. The Artistry of Books presents an experimental collection of artistic works that deconstruct and reconstruct some of the artists’ favourite books.


Flora and Fauna, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (April). Immerse your senses with over 120+ works of art produced by TAM artists, as they explore the exhibition theme flora and fauna inspired by our natural surrounds.


Out of the Vault, Online (December). After a year of cancelled exhibitions and events, Thou Art Mum’s Out of the Vault online exhibition is coming to a close at the end of December. We have had some great sales of much loved treasures, but there are still beautifully diverse artworks from the multidisciplinary women of TAM available for purchase. It’s your chance to collect a cherished artwork of much loved pieces from our personal collections and work created over the past couple of years by talented TAM members. 


Momentum, Montsalvat, Long Gallery, Eltham (June-July). Our world is constantly changing; expanding, contracting, moving, aging, decaying and birthing. To remain unchanged in a changing universe is a tragedy. We are not meant to stay the same, to stay in one place, to remain unaffected. Our lives are works of art that are never fully complete. An exhibition inspired by movement.


The Escapism of Creativity, Online. Following the cancellation of all exhibitions we had scheduled for the year, TAM is thrilled to present to you ‘The Escapism of Creativity’ an A4 online exhibition in November 2020. Virtual Gallery


Full Circle, The Vines Café, Diamond Creek (Nov - Dec). An ancient and universal symbol of unity, the circle represents infinite possibilities and inclusiveness.  Full Circle is an exploration of art through the eyes of our TAM artists, within the protective boundary of a uniting circle.


Suburban Oasis, In.cub8r Gallery and Emporium


Out of the Blue, Montsalvat Long Gallery Eltham (May). An exhibition of more than 40 works created by its member artists united by the colour blue.


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (Mar). Immerse your senses with over 120+ works of art produced by TAM artists, as they explore the exhibition theme flora and fauna inspired by our natural surrounds.


Contrast, The Vines Cafe, Diamond Creek (Oct-Nov). An exhibition of diverse artworks in black and white.


In The Pink , Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham (May). In exhibition of diverse artworks, exploring the colour pink.Proudly supporting Pink Hope.


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (March). Our artists explore flora and fauna themes inspired by nature.


Grids, The Vines Cafe, Diamond Creek (Dec-Jan). Grids provide a framework of reference to view the entire picture plane, to extend beyond the visible limitations of the pictorial borders and expand the imagination.


Green With Envy, Volumes Cafe, Eltham (Aug). Inspired by the colour of living grasses and leaves, creatures both real and imaginary evolve a green hue, and the colour green becomes a symbol of life, hope and envy.


What Lies Beneath, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham. A conceptual exhibition by Thou Art Mum exploring the theme of layers.


Meet Me, The Vines Cafe, Diamond Creek. Cafes are a place to connect, refresh and rejuvenate. In a world saturate by social media, cafes have become the face of real social interaction.


Spring at Home, Interiors by Riveresque, Warrandyte. Spring is the most anticipated of seasons; a time of rejuvenation, regrowth and renewal.


Scarlet Stories, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham. An exploration of the colour red. Red is the most emotive of colours – a symbol throughout culture and history, a celebration of life and our oldest known pigment.


A Taste of TAM, Bridges Restaurant Gallery, Hurstbridge. Thou Art Mum celebrates their 10th year anniversary with a vibrant and engaging 18th exhibition.


De-saturate, The Vine’s Cafe Gallery, Diamond Creek. 

An exploration in black and white.


Up, Up and Away, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham. An exploration of above the horizon.


Fishy Business, The Vine’s Cafe Gallery, Diamond Creek. A look at all things fish.


On The Surface, Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park. An exploration of pattern and texture.


Branching Out, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham. The tree show.


Little Birdy, The Vine’s Cafe Gallery, Diamond Creek. An exploration of birds.


Iconically Australian, Eltham Library Community Gallery. An exhibition exploring Australian identity through place, history and personal narratives.


Snapshot, Bridges Gallery, Hurstbridge. An exhibition exploring the things we often overlook or take for granted.


Tribute, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham. An exhibition tributing each artists’ significant influence on their own artistic endeavours.    


Moments in Time, Eltham Library Gallery. An exhibition capture and share a moment of historical or personal significance, a moment of joy, sadness or beauty in all that surrounds and influences us in our lives.


Dilemmas of Modern Motherhood, Manningham Gallery, Doncaster. Motherhood is a great joy, but what of the frustrations? Members express their continuing challenges of juggling all that motherhood brings with honesty and humour.


Dimensions of Motherhood, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham. An exhibition that enables members to consider all that Motherhood encompasses, including the changes within ourselves and our identity as well as how we relate to others around us.


Stamp, Evelyn County Estate Gallery, Kangaroo Ground. Works created on the 12” x 16” theme using a “stamp” as a uniting element.


Asia Celtic Egyptian, Eltham Library Gallery. An exhibition of works depicting flights of fantasy and exploration of the style and iconography of these exotic cultural influences.


Secret Garden, Bridges Gallery, Hurstbridge. An exhibition with the Eltham Copper Butterfly used as a uniting element.


Family Picnic, Wine on High, Kew


Family Picnic, The Stonehouse Gallery, Warrandyte. The inaugural exhibition with a cheerful celebratory theme.

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