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Sue Neale

Sue grew up surrounded by beauty both inside and outside the house. Her mother and grandmother expressed their creativity and love of colour with gardening; preferring flowering plants rather than herbs or vegetables. It is no wonder that Sue also appreciates beauty in flowering plants and trees, and enjoys painting them. Sue is interested in the interplay between colour and light. It has long been a fascination to her how the reds, pinks and oranges of flowers grow more intense at the beginning of dusk.

Sue appreciates the beauty of the female face, and of girls and women’s attire. As a child, she often drew rows of girls, as her sister sat along side her doing the same. Her mother and grandmother were highly creative and beautiful artists. They had a passion for clothes, décor and gorgeous things and frequently pointed out the beautiful harmonious colours of the fabrics, art, flora and décor that they admired.

Sue has always been attracted to oils as her preferred medium, due to their vibrancy, blending ease, buttery consistency and excellent glazing ability. She is largely self-taught and has undertaken a multitude of short courses and completed one year of a fine art degree.


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