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Nitika Khisty

Nitika grew up in a family of artists, which has had a great influence on her in developing an interest in arts.

She has a love for contemporary art and is a self- taught artist. She has a passion for creating portrait, abstract, landscape and still life for which she uses various mediums like oil, acrylic, and watercolour for her work. All along Nitika has pursued her interest independently.

She is inspired by the magnificence of nature and finds it extremely interesting to be able to express it in its various forms, moods and colours.

Nitika believes each one of us is born with some creativity and one should try to explore it. Her creative process is to meditate on a subject to allow ideas to naturally flow in by getting absorbed in it completely. She believes painting is a way of creative expression to transform ideas in the form of art.

She finds Thou Art Mum a good platform for female artists to exhibit their creativity as an expression of their talent and looks forward to this artistic journey.


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