Trudy Fitzmaurice 

Trudy was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia in 1988.

She has so many wonderful memories of farm life in New Zealand and the freedom this offered. Her love of nature meant she spent a lot of her childhood climbing trees and roaming the country looking for different birds and animals, plants and trees, just exploring.

Trudy always had a love of drawing and dabbled from time to time in different techniques and mediums. Her love of drawing laid dormant until a few years ago when she was inspired by an artist drawing with ball point pen. She found drawing with pen was easy to set up and pack down around her family and lifestyle.  The process is very time consuming but therapeutic, taking her to another place. Trudy’s upbringing in New Zealand has a big influence on her art work, the koru, which represents new life, growth, strength and piece appears in most of her drawings.

With no training or education in art accept for school C Art and a short course at Tafe in graphic art, shop display and photography. Trudy says she has so much to learn and develops patience and techniques on a daily basis and is forever evolving. She is so thankful to be able to continue to grow and develop her skills and is looking forward to see where this will take her. She is excited to be part of a group of such talented women with Thou Art Mum’s and is looking forward to the upcoming exhibitions and finding inspiration from all the different art mediums.

Instagram: trudy_fitzmaurice_art


Mobile: 0408 999 283