Sue neale

Sue Neale

Sue Neale has been inspired by Illustrators from the seventies; Sarah Kay and Hollie Hobbie in particular.  Sue collected swap cards from the age of five.  She loved the illustrations of Dorothy Wheeler who painted for Enid Blighton. Sue’s grandmother hand painted roses on china and her mother was a beautiful pencil artist who preferred to channel her creativity into her garden rather than her art. Having grown up with beautiful gardens Sue has been inspired by flowers and birds and trees. Sue’s mother was a seamstress and with a love of clothes, fabrics and floral patterns. This influenced Sue in her love of drawing clothes, and in her understanding of how colours work together.

Sue is inspired by medieval art, fashion illustrations from last century, impressionism, hyper realism, digital fantasy art and the beauty of the female form with its soft rounded lines.  She is also inspired by cats, lions, mountains, and the ocean.

Sue’s younger sister, Sarah Neale, is an artist, and the Neale sisters’ great aunts were artistic also – It runs in the family!

Sue paints with oils for the pleasure of it – the soft buttery consistency of oil paint and its beautiful blending characteristics, as well as the vibrant colour achieved through applying glazes.

She achieves satisfaction from challenging herself to paint subjects, such as hands and faces, and tying to master the illusion of depth and light in her artwork.

Sue learnt oil painting techniques at High School, and she has since completed short courses in water colours, pastels, drawing and life drawing. For many years Sue attended Wonga Park Community Centre where she painted oils in an informal group.

Sue has displayed her art in (and sold some) the following exhibitions :

  • Montsalvat Art Centre, Eltham
  • The Vines Café at Diamond Creek
  • 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy.

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