Sally Bowen

Bowen Sally Lotus Painting.jpg

Sally is a registered nurse of over 30 years. She is also an artist based in Eltham, Melbourne, Australia.

She is not formally trained though has attended painting classes regularly over the last 5 years with Red Door Painters Research, VIC with 3 of those years under the guidance of esteemed Melbourne artist Nell Freysteen. 

Sally is a diverse artist using mainly oils then some watercolour and ink.

She currently has themes surrounding bees (watercolours) and water reflections and ripples (oils). Invariably she always painting flowers as well.

Using oils she has explored different techniques from glazing to opaque semi abstract patterns to produce her works.

Sally creates her bee paintings as a reminder to herself and to others of the fragility of our world.

She admires that these small creatures create such beauty in our world: procreating more flowers to grow, pick, and paint; to provide our food source; to be paramount in our co-dependence for our survival.

Sally is also obsessed with water reflections and ripples.

She seeks out dams, slow creeks and ponds to find the best reflections.

Sally has a process of throwing rocks and pebbles in water, taking many photos and searching for just the right image to adapt to her paintings. 


Artist Memberships:

Red Door Painters, Research, since 2014 

Thou Art Mum since 2017



2017 Thou Art Mum Vines Café Diamond Creek “Grids” Exhibition 

2018 Thou Art Mum Melbourne International Flower Show 

2018 Thou Art Mum Montsalvat Eltham “In the Pink” Exhibition 

2018 Thou Art Mum Vines Café Diamond Creek “Contrast” Exhibition 

2019 Eltham Community Library and Gallery “Renewal” Exhibition - commemorating 10 yrs anniversary of Black Saturday. 

2019 Thou Art Mum Melbourne International Flower Show 

2019 Thou Art Mum 12 member “Suburban Oasis” Exhibition Incub8tr Gallery Fitzroy, Melbourne

2019 Thou Art Mum Montsalvat Eltham “Out of the Blue” Exhibition. 

         Sally’s painting CHANGE was chosen as the image for the exhibition 

         promotional invite and also won People’s Choice Award for the exhibition.


Sally has sold and successfully tendered multiple commissions from exposure at the above exhibitions and though social media avenues.


Instagram: sallybowenart

Email: sallybowen48@gmail