Filomena Roberts

 I have been with the Diamond Valley/Nillumbik based “Thou Art Mum” art group since 2011.

Traditionally I have used ink on paper, however in the past few years I have used collage as well as ink.

I am now using more and more acrylic and trying out canvas textured papers and stretched canvas, trying contemporary “landscapes” and “people” pictures.

I find it challenging to think of something for each new show following a theme, but am usually happy in the end that I have tried something a bit different from what I may have done without such a theme.

At the moment I’m interested in portraying interpersonal relationships as well as extending myself with new ideas and also using the acrylic paint to see what it will do. 

I like to use my own take on things to make people stop for a moment and see something a bit unusual.

Enquiries: mobile: 0410 124 035