Dawn Rieniets - Kangaroo Spotting

Kangaroo Spotting artwork is for expression. What you hang on your walls makes a statement, evokes a mood, or displays a bit of your own unique personality. Maybe even a hidden part…

After becoming a mother I needed to explore my new identity as a parent, and through painting, I rediscovered who I was, and who I wanted to be.

My goal is to inspire other Mama’s to do the same. Perhaps you once had a wild streak. You don’t necessarily miss the crazy adventures, happy you lived them, but no longer have the energy (or recovery time) for more. Secretly you know (and love) that the free-spirited part of you still lives, albeit buried under a mountain of laundry. (Sorry, did I just go on a tangent about myself? Surely I’m not the only one?)

If you don’t paint you can still explore your creative side by choosing a piece of art to speak for you. Give yourself a reminder of who you are. Art is a gift to yourself.

Most of my work is acrylic on canvas with some mixed media pieces. I also tend to incorporate vintage and reclaimed materials, creating a sense of nostalgia. A long-time-lover of abstract expressionism, most of my art is abstract, blending form and colour to evoke a mood or tell a story.