Deborah Bowen


Deborah came to glass art after an intense period of ill health and now relishes the enjoyment she gets from creating glass pieces and cannot see life without glass.  She spent a childhood continually creating with her mother and sisters in every medium and style possible.

Deborah lives in a suburban oasis with a studio looking out over a garden of fruit trees, vegetable beds and herb pots, a chook shed, a rambling dog and a snoozing cat.  This outlook gives constant inspiration in terms of imagery and solace in terms of peace and serenity whilst creating her art.

Deborah produces glass pieces in many forms including kiln formed, copper-foiled, leadlight, tapestry, cast sculpture, murrine cane, screen-printing, slumping, sandblasting, beads and glass blowing.

Deborah created a method of fragmented glass work, whereby she cuts very small pieces of glass which are placed onto generally clear glass in intricate designs and which are then fired to a solid panel in a kiln. These works are best hung in windows to see the transparency and beauty of the glass with the light coming from behind.  Generally, Deborah’s work is incredibly detailed and or textured, adding to their beauty and satisfying her artistic desires.

Deborah has participated in group exhibitions with TAM and at galleries such as Incube8r, The Hatch Contemporary Art Space, Linden New Art and the Black Cat Gallery, and exhibited in many art shows.

Deborah continues to explore the possibilities of glass, not just as functional items, but also as artworks in themselves.  She often takes workshops with Australian and international artists to extend her knowledge base and explore further the wonders of glass, including with Richard Parrish, Nathan Sandberg, Jacquie Hacasson, Brenda Page, Laurel Kohut, Estelle Dean, Kathryn Wardill, Scott Chaseling, Kirstie Rea and Amanda Simmons. 

Enquiries: Mobile:0408769684

Instagram : Deb.Bowen

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