Dawn Rieniets

Dawn started “art lessons” at age ten. She copied greeting card illustrations with watercolours and coloured pencils in a neighbour’s basement.

She studied General Studio Art at the State University of New York at Buffalo but was strongly encouraged to graduate with an English degree and get a ‘real job’. Nothing ever felt creative enough so Dawn travelled instead.

Eventually settling in Australia, Dawn became a mother to two girls and found herself battling postnatal depression. Painting was part of the therapy which helped her heal. She decided the best way to set an example for her children was to be the sort of mum who follows her passion. Dawn’s daughters are still her main source of inspiration and motivation.

Dawn’s works are typically abstract, allowing form and colour to evoke a certain mood or crate atmosphere. The materials are acrylic or mixed-media on canvas with vintage magazine clippings, gold foil, and other reclaimed materials.

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