Clare Dunstan

Clare Dunstan

Tog & Pini is an illustration and design business; it is Clare Dunstan's creative outlet as well as her bread and butter.

Clare works from home on the edge of the North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. During the day the kids and the dogs run about her causing chaos and general confusion and at night she works on projects and paint while chatting to her husband Pete. On Saturdays, Clare heads to the markets and enjoy a social day with her lovely customers and fellow stall holders. She feels so privileged to work in the way she does.

A bit about Clare? She loves pretty things! She's a total girl - have always been inspired by the beautiful, feminine, and sparkly things in this world. Cute animals makes her weaken at the knees and beautiful plants and birds makes her gush with enthusiasm. She remembers feeling shallow for loving beauty so passionately, but now she embraces it. Clare feels she was given a love for these things for a reason and hopefully she can make others smile with the work she does.

Clare paints using watercolour and ink, a classical style with a touch of whimsicality. She grew up with Beatrix Potter, Jill Barklem (Brambly Hedge) Edward Ardizonne (google him) and Arthur Rackham to name a few, and she feels that their talent has influenced her greatly.

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