Cate Laidler

Cate is a Melbourne-based visual artist.  

As someone who has always felt a certain level of disconnection, art has provided Cate with a more essential way of being in the world.  For her it is catharsis, enables presence and is one of the only things in her life that requires very little motivation.  Her art practice is multidisciplinary, with painting being predominant.  Since taking up formal study her artwork has become more considered and expansive, however, it remains largely intuitive, a mix of figuration and abstraction.  Her work investigates identity; perception; lost memories; the feminine; the randomness of the contour line; beauty; imperfection; and loss.  By exploring such themes and creating art through an array of methods and mediums, Cate feels better able to communicate, and this allows her to evolve as both an artist and a human.

Cate has completed her Certificate III in Visual Arts and is currently studying for a Diploma of Visual Arts at RMIT.  She has a background in furniture design. She has participated in multiple group exhibitions since 2016 both with TAM and at galleries such as fortyfivedownstairs, Hatch Contemporary Arts Space and Black Cat Gallery.

Cate has been an active member of TAM since 2016.

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Instagram: catelaidler