Anne Morel

Anne Morel

Anne Morel always loved craft from an early age. She learned how to sew with her mum, how to embroider with her grandma and learned to crochet about 10 years ago. Anne came to formal art later in life.

Anne joined “Thou Art Mum”, two years ago and met some amazing artists. Being a part of this group allowed her to constantly push her boundaries and learn new techniques with fabric, especially felt.

Anne loves the unlimited potential of felt as a medium. Felt continues to inspire her with its duality, both its simplicity and its complexity. For Anne, felt is creative, vibrant, fun and challenging. Personally, the most important aspect in the development of Anne's art is the creative process and this is always reflected in the finished product.

Anne was born in New Caledonia and colour was and still is a big part of her life.

Inspiration comes from the things around her and foremost from deep within herself. Anne likes to photograph nature and sometimes work from these images when she is creating a piece.  She finds that she is drawn to colour, shape, form and texture.

Anne likes to work with a simple or general idea in mind rather than making detailed plans or drawings because the work almost seems to have a life of its own, changing and growing until it is finished. She embraces the creative process, letting the felt ‘speak’ to her, telling her how it wants to fold or flow. The most characteristic quality of Anne's art is the preoccupation with light and shadow that leads to a special 3D effect.

In 2009, Anne opened an online shop, Anou Design, where she sells original artworks for children.

Anne is currently studying an International Diploma of Crochet.

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